How to decipher the Byblos Script


How to Decipher the Byblos Script refects the lifelong research and publications by Dr. Jan Best. This volume brings together his most groundbreaking articles. At the center of the work of Dr. Best is his remarkable achievement of deciphering the Byblos Script.
This could never have been achieved without the previous reconstructions of the Cretan Hieroglyphic and Linear A scripts, which are closely related to the Byblos Script. Here are the results of 40 years of frontier research quietly carried out behind the scenes of the scientific community. This publication for the first time discloses to the general public the impact of this research and makes its findings accessible to the wider public of the interested general reader and other specialists in this eld. It represents the type of basic research fundamental to any scientific follow-up studies.
Aspekt Publishing House, which specializes in works on history by prominent authors, here with due pride presents the fruits of a life actively devoted to science.
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Geschiedenis & Politiek
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Laatste editie
10 juni 2014
Uitgeverij Aspekt B.V.

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