Knight without fear and beyond reproach


A thrilling biography of a lovable hero of war


Madurodam is unique in the Netherlands, as its first and only miniature city and as a war memorial. Because that’s what it is. It’s a cheerful monument in remembrance of a buoyant man who was born in 1916 in Curacao and who died from typhus at Dachau in 1945. Nowadays, the monument is world-renowned and attracts millions of visitors, but George Maduro, a legend in his days, has been largely forgotten. Knight without fear and beyond reproach tells the long-forgotten story of one of the greatest heroes of war the Netherlands has ever seen.

Kathleen Brand-Carey tells the story of George Maduro’s short but eventful life with a knack for describing atmosphere and in great detail: the exotic life in Curacao, high-placed friends in The Hague and Leyden, his bittersweet love life, occupied Holland and the resistance. The 'Maduro' of Madurodam turns out to be a complex, lovable and inspiring young man, who valued ideals over his own personal safety and who never lost hope – not even in the most miserable of circumstances.

Kathleen Brandt-Carey is the author of several books, and a distant relative of George Maduro.

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Geschiedenis & Politiek
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14 juli 2016
9789000349623 , 9789000349630 , 9789000367412

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