Oath of Office

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Dr. John Meacham goes on a shooting spree at his office, killing his associate, staff, and two patients. Then Meacham turns the gun on himself. Much of the blame for the massacre falls on Dr. Lou Welcome, who counseled Meacham years before when Meacham's medical license was suspended for ptoblems related to his alcoholism and angermangement issues. Lou knew that Meacham was an excellent physician who'd shown a strong recovery, and fought hard for his license to be restored. Afte hearing the news of the shootings, Lou is stunned like everyone else, but he is also utterly incredulous. And when he begins to look into matters, the terrifying evidence he finds takes him down a path of unspeakable conspiracy theat seems to lead directly to the White House. Shocking, chilling, and with scientific details that are based on today's headlines, Oath of Office will have you questioning everything you know about those entrusted with our health and lives.
Thrillers & Spanning
Dr. Lou Welcome (1)
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St. Martin's Press

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Ik had nog niet een eerder een boek van Michael Palmer gelezen maar was nieuwsgierig geworden door de New York Times boekenlijst. Het boek Oath of Office is naar mijn weten nog niet in het Nederlands verkrijgbaar dus ik heb de Engelse versie gelezen. Het boek is het eerste deel in de serie rond de...

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