Poisoned in Light

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Zacriah is imprisoned within the city of Lilioira which is firmly under the control of Gordex. Separated from Hadrian and his allies, he tries to deal with a darkness that grows within him. A new, deadly power. Heart Magick.
The Druid will stop at nothing to retrieve the final Dragori to complete his ultimate plan of raising his kin once again. And all it takes is one failed rescue mission to set the wheels of doom in motion.

Time is not on the side of light.

War brews upon the horizon.
Fantasy & SF
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11 februari 2019

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This series has become one of my favourites.

door: Ursula Visser 1 like
From the start of book one, I was taken by the characters and the story. This last book is lifted to the next level. Zacriah is no hero, and he does not want to be. From the first book he is dropped into this adventure that he didn´t ask for. He has to cope with his new found abilities, and the...

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