Teaching and Studying U.S. History in Europe: Past, Present and Future


The authors of the essays in this volume provide us with historical overviews of the development of U.S. history in thirteen European countries, together with their perceptions and analyses of the current situation and future prospects. The essays offer insights into the possible connections between government policies (on both sides of the Atlantic), popular interest, student demand and individual scholars' commitment to the academic pursuit of knowledge about U.S. history in European universities.
At the same time, they contribute towards a better understanding of the complex ways in which European historians of the United States have navigated the different (often conflicting) demands, constraints and opportunities, arising from their official job descriptions and institutional affiliations, within widely varying academic paradigms and systems of higher education.
This volume, then, offers a much-needed state-of-the-art report on the academic study of U.S. history in Europe and is of interest to both European and American scholars.
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04 mei 2007
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