The Dutsch and their Gods


Does religion have a future in the Netherlands? Has it all but expired, or is it in the process of being transformed? These are the main questions addressed in this volume on religion in the Netherlands since 1950. In the first part, James Kennedy, Anton van Harskamp and Jos Becker offer theoretical and empirically-based interpretations of the recent Dutch past: should we speak of secularization or religious transformation? The second part is concerned with far-reaching changes in religious practice. Paul Post discusses Roman Catholic liturgy, Karin van Nieuwkerk Islamic conceptions of religious merit and David Bos the adoption of psychology in pastoral training. New religious trends form the theme of the third part of the volume. Pieter Boersema, Erik Sengers and Stef Aupers examine respectively the Evangelical Movement, the Alpha Course and New Age. The Dutch and their gods shows that, while organized religion is in continuing decline and the future of religion in the Netherlands remains uncertain, Dutch religion is still very much alive and perfectly able to adapt to changing circumstances.
Contents: I Introduction: ERIK SENGERS, The Dutch, their gods and the study of religion in the post-war period II Religion in the Netherlands: secularization or transformation?: JAMES C. KENNEDY, Recent Dutch religious history and the limits of secularization ANTON VAN HARSKAMP, Simply astounding. Ongoing secularization in the Netherlands? JOS BECKER, Church membership investigated (1950-2002) III Religious responses to social change: PAUL POST, Ritual-liturgical movements. A panoramic view on ritual repertoires in Dutch Catholicism after 1950/1960 DAVID J. BOS, 'Woe the pastor who becomes a psychologist!' The introduction of psychology in hervormde theology and ministry KARIN VAN NIEUWKERK, Credits for the hereafter. Changing ways to collect religious merit, ajr, among Moroccan immigrant women in the Netherlands IV New forms of religiosity: ERIK SENGERS, 'Leading the world to church and Christ'. The use and success of the Alpha-course in Dutch churches PIETER R. BOERSEMA, The Evangelical Movement in the Netherlands. New wine in new wineskins? STEF AUPERS, 'We are all gods'. New Age in the Netherlands 1960-2000 Index About the authors
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30 september 2005
Uitgeverij Verloren b.v.

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