The Haunting of Bloodmoon House

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When the blood moon rises, death follows... Twelve years ago, a blood moon swept over the old Dover Estate, an abandoned mansion with a grisly history. Jess's uncle brings her there to witness the celestial event, but things go wrong when he wanders inside the abode and returns bleeding and panicked. Fleeing into the woods, he's later found killed under mysterious circumstances, leaving young Jess traumatized. Now she's all grown up, celebrating her eighteenth birthday and the start of a new life at college. The nightmares she suffered at the infamous "Bloodmoon House" are behind her, and she's tried her best to forget them. But some nightmares don't stay dead. When they see a report on the news about a new blood moon passing over the Dover Estate, her friends suggest they spend the night there so she can face her fears and get over her trauma. They insist that the house is empty, and all the rumors about ghosts lurking in its halls are mere fantasy. But when they arrive, their plans quickly unravel, and Jess discovers that the same evil that claimed her uncle may have been waiting for her all along...
Fantasy & SF
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De bloedmaan, vriendschap en loyaliteit

door: Ferry76Visser 1 like
In Nederland is het niet makkelijk om aan de boeken van Jeff DeGordick te komen. Daarom was ik erg blij dat het een vriend van mij gelukt is om ‘The haunting of Bloodmoon House’ (2017) te pakken te krijgen. Het is een prachtige aanwinst, omdat het naast een spannend boek over een spookhuis ook...

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