The Story of Giotopia

The Story of Giotopia

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A new world is born. A magical place full of heroes, demons, wizards, witches, elves and other mysterious creatures. An extraordinary universe, called Giotopia. The time has come to discover the mystical forests, rippling rivers, glorious castles, dark and vile caves with a fearless, open mind.

This book reveals the enchanted story behind the music on both albums, ‘A Fantasy Tale On Music – Part I and II’, as Giotopia is a musical rock/metal project. Many international musicians played their own character role. A task which they did with tremendous determination and, most of all, great joy. Each character is described and drawn with exceptional detail.

Apart from all of this, brave reader, all the lyrics of every song and exclusive, behind the scenes, recording pictures are published in this book.

Start your epic journey, begin your unusual quest. The hour is near, heroic explorer, may the supremacy be in your favor.
Sciencefiction & Fantasy
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Brave New Books
Laatste editie
12 juni 2019

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