Alice and her mother spend their lives moving from place to place, because they are followed by bad luck.
When they get a letter, letting them know Alice's grandmother has died on her estate The Hazel Wood, they think they're finally free.
Unfortunately, this isn't the case, but what does their bad luck have to do with the book of dark fairy tales "Tales from the Hinterland" that her grandmother has written?

When Alice's mother is kidnapped, Alice has no other choice than to go look for her mother and in the process, she finds out what the bad luck really is.

I loved this book!
I really liked Alice, she's snarky, unreasonable and she has a temper and I thoroughly enjoyed reading from her pov. Apparently I like unlikable characters a lot :D
The story itself is dark and interesting and even though it's about fairytales, there's nothing sweet about it.

The Hazel Wood felt like a breath of fresh air and I would highly recommend reading it if you're looking for a darker version of a fairytale :D

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The Hazel Wood - Melissa Albert
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