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Fun romance!

Booksandsparkles 08 april 2024
Last month I received End Game as an e-Arc to review before it was released. I didn't reach the release date, but a few days later I finished this cutest romance and I'd love to tell you all about it! As you might see, this book is part of a series, but it reads like a standalone. So don't worry if you haven't read the rest: just pick it up if you like...

- fake dating
- forced proximity
- female rage
- workplace romance
- billionaire mmc
- he falls hard
- a happy ending

About 'End Game'
The book starts by introducing us to Mara, a hard working bartender in nightclub Larkspur. After her nightshift, Leo - a friendly mysterious guy who wants to celebrate, runs into her and invited her to celebrate with him. Everything feels just so good and they end up spending the night together. Just a one time thing, promisses Mara to Leo... then something big happens that she couldn't ever think of. All she knows, is that it is unavoidable to not see Leo ever again.

On top of that, Leo needs her to be his fake girlfriend for ten days, when his terrible parents announce to visit him. Will she survive the attractive, insufferable but secretly amazing and sweet Leo? Can she stop herself of falling in love? Can she discover the true Leo behind his mask ánd is she ready to open up herself?

Romance, slow burn & spicy moments
This book was just a hell of a ride! Mara has such a fun personality. I love how full of passion she is about the nightclub, how she cares about her colleagues and how she wants to help everyone around her. I think Mara would be an awesome true friend.

Leo is also such a sweetheart. At first you think he has the perfect billionares life, but of course he doesn't. His parents are - to say it nicely, just shit and he's having a hard time choosing what hé wants. When Mara steps unexpectedly in his life, she changes him for the better without meaning to do so. And on the other hand, he is there for her and really cares about her wellbeing.

End Game starts of spicy due to the surprising, almost out-of-nowhere one night stand, and it felt a bit quick (why would you go out drinking champagne with a random stranger?) - but it also makes sense after knowing her better: Mara didn't feel very good for a long time and for some reason, she allows herself to have fun and to have a good time with him. After some 'shocking' events, Mara decides on not having any romantical actions with Leo anymore (even though she's really falling for him). The slow burn is ready to make a move and the sparks between Leo and Mara burn bright!

Writing & conclusion
Michaela Jean's writing is so lovely! It's quick, very visual like we're here with them in the night club or in Leo's penthouse, and swoon worthy. I have adored the relationship coming to life between Leo and Mara and I just couldn't stop reading. Michaela Jean has created two loving characters who deserve the world: you just need to read this book if you love a good romance! I hope I could convince you to pick it up

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