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Awesome middlegrade

Booksandsparkles 15 maart 2024
I'm so easily scared, so I'm not at all into thrillers and ghost stories, but this gorgeous middlegrade story - City of Ghosts, was such a fun read!

Enter a new V.E. Schwab world, a world where Cassidy's best friend is a ghost, Jacob. Ever since her accident, she was miraculously saved. Now she can see the ghosts of the past and what happened to them. When her parents are starting a tv show to research paranormal places - starting in Edinburgh, Cassidy joins them on their trip. What she discovers there about the ghost world, will change her life for good...

Schwab did such a good job with this book! It's fun, a little scary at some times (for children) and her story was so original! The "ghosts as a best friend" part was cute and I loved the dynamics between Cassidy and Jacob. Also, her parents are such hilarious characters! I definitely want to read more... the next book is taking place in the bone tunnels of Paris (I would absolutely never visit that place in real life).

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