I still can’t believe I got an e-arc for The Girl the Sea Gave Back. One of my most anticipated releases of 2019! Sky in the Deep was one of the few 5 star reads of 2018 so I was really excited to dive into this one! And oh boy did I dive... I dove so deep I kinda didn’t want to do anything but read. I might have ordered a pizza because I can’t cook and read at one time. Ok I totally did.

Adrienne Young dives back into this wonderful Viking resembling world and it is glorious. The writing is so addictive and the world is described very vividly with flowing sentences.

We follow Halvard, who was an adorable little boy in Sky in the Deep, but it’s ten years later and he’s grown up into this awesome man. A man who is determined to let peace and love win and not to repeat the mistakes of his ancestors, who is very self concious and constantly wondering if he is good enough and makes the right choices. A man who truly is kind.

Then there’s this girl, Tova, on the other side, who was washed ashore and is only alive because of her ability to tell the future with rune stones. Her life is a struggle for freedom to make her own choices (and basically: not dying), yet she’s stuck with her fate. But that might just change...

The plot is gripping, there are a lot of action scenes but also a lot of feels. So many feels... The characters are very real and fleshed out and both have their own internal struggle. There were many plot twists and I love how it all came together.

If you loved Sky in the Deep, you’ll love this book! There is more magic and the world has grown a bit, but the story has the same feeling. We also meet the characters from Sky in the Deep 10 years later and I fangirled HARD. But don’t be afraid if you haven’t read it: this is a standalone and can very well be read without any knowledge of Sky in the Deep!

All in all, The Girl The Sea Gave Back is another book by Adrienne Young that easily deserves five stars.

I’ve got a free ebook in exchange for my honest review!

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The Girl the Sea Gave Back - Adrienne Young
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