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The Dead Zone

EricWijnen 28 maart 2024
I don't think there are many adults who have not read one of his stories, or seen a movie or series based on one of Stephen King's stories. Many have heard the titles like, Carrie, Christine, Cujo, The Shining, IT, The Green Mile or Under The Dome. I dare to say that most of his stories have found their way to either television or the movie screen.

In The Dead Zone Johnny Smith has been in a coma for almost five years. After he awakes and touches someone he some times (not all the time) sees very private pictures from this person's life. These can be at any moment in the life of this person, even the future.

Eventhough normaly I like the slow way in which Stephen King introduces the story and the characters to you, in this case it does feel strectched, as if at multiple points in the story Stephen King had no idea where to go. Of course this does bring more depth to the charcters he describes to you.

The story reminded me too much about The Shining, not in the way of thrilling, but more in the way things work. And of these two I think The Shining is the better story.

All of this doesn't mean this is a bad story, because that is definitely not the case. I liked reading this story, but this is not Stephen King's best work.

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