DC Dove Milson has been abducted and attacked 6 years ago when she went to a meeting with a confidential informant. She’s not completely over it but she copes as best she can and hardly anyone in her new unit knows about her ordeal
DC Dove Milson is called in for her first case with the Major Crimes Team. A young woman is murdered and left in a glass casing as if she is a human statue. It’s not a Snow white-like coffin, but it appears to be moulded around the victim. The setting is identical to those of a serial killer who died in prison a few years ago. It looks as if there’s a sick copy-cat on the loose.
Eden, Dove’s niece (her sister’s daughter) was the last victim of serial killer Peter Hayworth. He never told where her body was and it feels like a failure for Dove that she couldn’t do anything to help find the girl. At the time of her disappearance, her family kept the pressure on her despite her not even working in the same district.
.The dead girl is a Swedish backpacker whose parents thought her still in Paris. But Dove’s sister owns a strip club and that’s where the victim worked for the last 3 weeks. Than Delta, Eden’s sister goes missing. Is someone targeting Dove’s family? Not an option to discard lightly as the next victim is found by Colin Creaver, the manager of the strip club. The dead girl was also a dancer in that club.
There’s a storyline about Though Justice, a vigilante group that fishes on the internet to catch paedophiles. They pretend to be underage kids and use young looking girls and boys as bait and post the videos of those they catch on YouTube.

The suspense is very real in this book. There are so many unanswered questions: who’s the copy-cat, why is Dove’s family targeted and what happened to Delta, is she involved with the pedo-busters? It’s easy to read with short chapters that alternate between the investigation into the serial killer and the subplot about the girl in the vigilante group and what happens to her. But she may not be the one you think she is. It’s a great spin-off and contains some interesting twists.
Dove is very much the main character in this story, we get more information about her sisters and their family relations (ok, a large part of the story is about that family) than that there’s a personal interaction with her colleagues. Maybe we get more of that in later stories as I understand that this is a first in this series. The only other person that feels and relates as real is Adrik, an informant. Even Quinn, the boyfriend is only casually mentioned but doesn’t play a real role in the book.
Also, the story-line focuses solely on the investigation and we’re left without a clue as to whom and why until the police finds out more. No clever profilers here that dissect the crime and explain the psyche of the killer before he’s caught.
I thought I had figured it all out, but when the real killer and his /her motives were revealed I was truly gobsmacked. The whole story has several unlikely and unrealistic elements, but this last twist was well found.
For those not acquainted with British English, there’s an extensive glossary at the end of the book.

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Glass Dolls - D. E. WHITE
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