When growing up, Glover was Zoe’s neighbour and she figured out that he was the Maynard killer but when she told her parents and the police no one believed her not even when he came for her and got spooked by all the noise. Now she’s a profiler for the FBI and on the hunt for the serial killer in Chicago with her partner agent Tatum Gray. Her preoccupation with the Red Glover is bordering an obsession, analysing his past behaviour and trying to anticipate his actions. As the date for their return to Quantico nears, she becomes more frantic. She knows he’s here.
But Rod is no longer hunting alone; he’s got an apprentice, one with an appetite for drinking blood. He calls himself, the man in control but he’s very unstable and rapidly spiralling out of control. He believes that blood of a ‘pure’ donor will cure him, and save him from taking anti-psychotics.
I have a problem with rating this book. It has everything that a good book needs, a serial killer, and a dedicated profiler and FBI agent on his trail. You follow the investigation through Zoe and Tatum and other chapters are written in the pov of the crazed sidekick from the killer. I can’t find anything wrong with the story. It’s good but not great, or have I just read too many of this kind of stories lately? It might be because I didn’t read the previous books in this series where Zoe had earlier encounters with Rod Glover, but I never was completely absorbed by the story. The tension never rises to the level of more than a police procedural. Almost every hunch or idea the profiler and the police have turned out to true, it feels like an easy solution for not having secondary plotlines. There’s a mild underlying romantic/sexual tension between Zoe and Tatum that’s not recognised by either of them. Only Chicago police detective O’Donnell mentions it to her. The suspense is upped a bit when the killers don’t murder one of the victims but take her hostage as a living donor for the ‘vampire’. I won’t tell if this girl survives her ordeal or not. The eventual outcome appears to be clear but there are still some unexpected twists that even Zoe couldn’t predict.

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Thicker Than Blood - Mike Omer
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