A Haven For Her Heart is a story that actually had me in tears multiple times. I know this sounds weird but most readers will know this is definitely a good thing ;) I recently discovered Susan Anne Mason’s work this year and I have been devouring her backlist, as she is an amazing author. But if I’m honest, this book is next level good. And I’m gonna tell you all about the why, but first, let’s see what it’s about!

We meet Olivia as she is homeless, recently released from a rehab prison, where she had to live through unspeakable horror and had her baby taken away without her consent. She is broken, her fiancee is away at war and her father cast her out. She is taken in by Ruth, an elderly Christian lady who has not been the same since her husband died. Olivia is extremely strong and kind, and she decided she wants no woman to be treated like she was, and together they open a maternity home. However, the road is bumpy, when neighbors are in an outrage and the big boss of a company wants the land the maternity home is on, and sends his employee Darius, a widower with an adorable little girl, to see this through - no matter the cost... but it might just cost his heart.

This story was amazing and heartbreaking at the same time. I think many Christian novels brush over horrors, it’s not really mentioned, but this book definitely had a bit of darkness that is real and raw and painful. And I think this is something that we need, as our lives are no fairytales, there is pain. But rest assured, the story itself is a happy one, full of hope and healing, just not negating the bad things and being honest about it. If you’re worried, rest assured that it was written very nicely, there are no graphic pictures or anything like that, and there is a slow build up to the reveal. What makes me very sad, is that Olivia’s story actually is a real story. In the 1940s you could actually get locked up in a prison for having a child out of wedlock if you’re younger than 21 (on account of being incorrigible). It’s so painful to read how they were treated and the horrors of the prison, knowing this happened not even that long ago. But Olivia gets out, and she does something that shows her true character: she turns her pain into gold. She works day and night to assure other people won’t have to go through that horror again. And yes, it’s inspired and wonderful, but you also see the scars and how difficult it is for her. Ruth, the woman who takes her in and then remodels her own house into a maternity home, is a force to be reckoned with, too. She’s an amazing character, fierce and Christian grace in one. I really loved her. This story also captured many women’s struggles too, and it is done so well, with empathy, perspective and forgiveness.

But of course there is hope and love, because that’s why we read stories, right? Ok, the romance is very important too, at least for me. And we have an epic romance! Darius, a Canadian with Greek roots who tries to be as Canadian as possible, especially to give his little girl Sofia all the advances in life. He is willing to go far for that goal, and his love for Sofia and his parents is heart warming. He is far from perfect and this story starts as an enemies to lovers trope (yay!), but he grows so much and you grow to love him!

I have a feeling I could go on a lot more, but as this review already is way too long, I’ll end by saying this is a must read book if you like a lot of depth in your stories, next to a lovely romance.

I received a free e-copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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A Haven for Her Heart - Susan Anne Mason
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