The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy takes place a few months after the happenings of The Gentlemen’s Guide. I actually think it can be read as a standalone, some characters reappear and of course there’s Monty and Percy (they’re adorable) but I think it would work. Just an FYI. The start off is quite epic with a severed finger and an awkward marriage proposal but it soons dives down into real Epicness.

Felicity is an amazing character and while she is a bit headstrong and quite opiniated, I loved her for it and I loved that her learning style became so much more open and respectful. I love the case she makes for herself and fellow women and how she stands up, totally unafraid. We are also introduced to new characters.

Johanna and Sim and they were both amazing in their own right. I loved how Johanna used her feminity as a weapon and how Sim fought for approval.

And Mackenzi Lee has made this time period how it should really be: not just stiff upperclass English aristrocracy, but diversity in all its ways - which is how it always has been but history doesn’t really account for it. I’m glad books like these are out to prove differently.

This book truly is an adventure, beginning to end. And I adoree every minute of it. And the ending is perfect, absolutely perfect!

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De expeditie van Felicity Montague - Mackenzi Lee
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