Flight of the Raven starts exactly where Mark of the Raven ends. If you’ve read it, you’ll know what I mean but let me just say it’s pretty spectacular and YOU JUST NEED TO KNOW MORE. Well, we definitely got to know more!

The journey goes on to Damien’s kingdom and there we have a slow burning romance waiting to happen. Let me dwell on that: it was beautiful to read about, and Damien has gone into my top 3 of book boyfriends of all time. This is huge, trust me. He’s extremely kind and thoughtful but not too perfect, he has his own insecurities which make him only more adorable.

Selene has her own journey to make, with war looming she needs to make a choice where she stands and also to find out if her gift can be used for good. We see a redemption tale slowly unfolding and I really felt for Selene. In this book, the Christian roots are more obvious but I still think this will speak to many readers.

And my precious Amara... I hope we get to see more of Breven.

There wasn’t much action in this book like book 1, this was more character driven en setting up for the finale. However the writing flowed and pages were flipped anxiously. This is a very important part in the journey and the action at the end totally makes up for it so don’t fear. It’s gonna break your heart as it did mine. And again: THAT ENDING. And another 285 days to go til book 3 comes out. I may or may not have a countdown on my phone. Ok I totally have.

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Flight of the Raven - Morgan L. Busse
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