Ladies of Intrigue is a book with three short stories by Michelle Griep. I actually am very fond of short stories, they are my favorite because they are fast paced and usually have a unique premiss, so I was very happy to receive an e-arc from Netgalley! And there is some serious cover envy going on. That blue is spectacular! Anyway, let’s get to the main feature: the words itself ;)

The Gentleman Smuggler starts of with a bang, where our two protagonists meet at opposite ends of a robbery. Though if it’s really a robbery remains to be seen. When Helen meets her gentleman robber again, she might give him in to the authorities... or maybe hear his side of the story. The idea of this story is great and I liked the writing, but I have to admit the ending fell a bit falt for me, there were a few things I thought very unrealistic, but I would be spoiling it. But it doesn’t ruin the story at all, it’s still very enjoyable! Oh, and awesome side characters!

The second story is about a doctor and the daughter of a doctor, ending up working together in a fort alongside Nativr Americans. The build up of this story is very well done, and I’ve grown to care for the characters. There was not much mystery here but enough romantic moments to make up for it!

The third story is my favorite! There are a few secrets in this one, and the question is if it will drive Amanda and Joseph apart... the romance and courtship between Joseph and Amanda is epic, I love how she can be totally herself with Joseph even though she very much seeks and is denied the approval of her father, and society. Joseph is an amazing man and tries his best to right every wrong even at his own cost. I’ve never liked a politician before, lol!

Overall I really enjoyed the stories. There wasn’t a dull moment, the pacing was right and the words flowed. There was much cute banter, which I adored! The only downside is that it’s more romance than mystery, though mystery is promised on the cover. For me that is not an issue, I’m not really a fan, but if you’re looking for a “who dunnit” story this might not be it. If you’re a fan of romance with a strong plot going on, this is totally for you!

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Ladies of Intrigue - Michelle Griep
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