I rarely do reviews. I don’t think I’m good at them, and it’s not easy when English is your second language. But for this book I’m making an exception. Why? Because it is AWESOME. It’s one of my favorite reads this year. And you know what? I didn’t saw that coming at all, I thought it was going to be a nice 3 star dystopian/low fantasy filler. Sure, it seemed a nice book, about a healer girl, Zivah, that gets sick and a fighter with PTSS, Dineas.

I wasn’t prepared to be blown away in a world with realistic 3D characters, an amazing plot, but really the brilliance was in the suprising details. I really liked the contrast between those two. Zivah impressed me with her kindness and acceptance – and she impressed me even more when she shared her real feelings that are bpiling underneath. I can empathise with her, trying desperately to cure herself, I do that myself and it really goes horribly wrong 99 out of 100 times.

And Dineas… I really just wanted to give him a big hug. He tries so hard to be strong and has built many walls. And then: we have cute animals! We’ve got amazing perfectly trained crows and Kivah walks around with a snake on her arm. How freaking cool is that? I love the interaction between the owners and their pets. Anyway, of course there is plot. I always get sidetracked by plots when the characters are awesome!

The place they live… not very nice and welcoming. Occupied by a big baddie. And though they’re very different and don’t like each other very much, Zivah and Dineas are the only ones who can wriggle themselves into a perfect place to try to change that. Only, it changes them instead. And this is why I can’t review. I’m either too vague or revealing too much. Let’s just say it has a perfect plot and I enjoyed every step of it! And the worldbuilding is perfect, too! It’s in the tiny details that make you really believe it.

Most YA books are really black and white, good versus evil, but this books shows the greys. It shows the reality of humankind that can be heartbreaking and double edged and weird and loving. It’s not just about kingdoms, it really comes down to people. It is an amazing read, and I can’t recommend it enough!

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Rosemarked - Livia Blackburne
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