I finished this book in two sittings. However, those sittings were a year apart ... Let's say I'm just not good with illness self help books. After 20+ years and so much advocating I figure there is nothing new they can tell me. The only reason I picked up this book is because it's Ilana's, and I've been following her amazing blog and insta stories for years. She's an amazing writer with a lot of wit and humor.

And let me tell you: I LEARNED SOMETHING NEW. The elevator talk is life changing! Who'd have thought? Not me... (insert dramatic music). This book is a true treasure for anyone who is quite new on being ill. In fact, it should be part of every "so you've got this weird new illness" care package. Also, those should be a thing. Doctors, take note.

There is so much info on the real questions: how to explain it quickly on an aunts birthday party without weirdness or pity stares. How to stand up for yourself when doctor #25 says it's in your head. How to deal with everyday problems and how can you date with a Damocles sword dangling above your head? Ilana actually has answers and presents them with much flair, even more humor and also with clear captions and headers (my brainfog thanks you), not shying away from important questions like who's gonna wash your bum and how to live on your own. There are also chapters on school and work but I skimmed those since those two have long gone from my life. Sure it's really helpful if you actually have some functionality left.

There are recources for the US along with instructions how to get the best info and patient support since we can agree on one thing; you are your own caretaker and you should be the best at it.

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Surviving and Thriving with an Invisible Chronic Illness: How to Stay Sane and Live One Step Ahead of Your Symptoms - Ilana Jacqueline
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