The Alamo Bride is the seventh installment of the Daughters of the Mayflower series. I have had the privilege of reading the previous books, too, and I have developed a fondness for this series. Don’t worry, each book can be read seperately very well! Usually each book has all new characters, but this time the book went back to The Pirate Bride by the same author as this book, Kathleen Y’Barbo. Unfortunately that is the only book in this series I have not read, but that wasn’t a hindrance.

What I did expect to be a hindrance was my absolute zero knowledge of Alamo nor the Texas war (I’m not from the US). However, Kathleen explained all the background stuff very well, without an info dump. Her writing style is very fluid and is easy to read. There are many mentions of Christian faith, but it never gets preachy, nor are there weird voices etc. This makes the characters seem far more human and real. We have Ellis, who learns to be a healer under her mothers wing, and she is very stubborn, in a good way. Her grandfather plays quite a big role and he’s just amazing. Then we have Clay, who is found near to death and lost his memory. I usually dislike this trope, but in this story it is excellently done! Due to circumstances they end up spending a lot of time together and discovering what Clay knows and remembers and trying to fix the puzzle. There wasn’t much action in this novel, it was more about the characters, and love that. But don’t worry, there is action enough for everyone, it just doesn’t overshadow the plot. The only faults I can find with this novel is that some plot points weren’t resolved or were resolved in a sentence where it had been Clay’s basic drive from page 1, for me that fell a bit flat. But the writing and the characters made it a solid 4 star read. Also, can I just say how much I love this cover? It's stunning!

This e-arc has been given to me through Netgalley (thank you!), but my opinions are my own!

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The Alamo Bride - Kathleen Y'Barbo
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