This book is just as previous as the MC Sam. I’ve been crying throughout this book and I don’t know why (I’ve been informed many others cried to so I’m not the only one but feelings are confusing lol). Also what I absolutely loved was the awesome autism representation! I have a feeling we actually saw more than one autist wink wink. The spectrum is broad.

Anyway, the story itself was haunting where a young boy just wants to find a family. The sentences are so beautiful and artistic, I loved all of them! Also the themes woven throughout are extremely well done.

Even though there were heavy topics there was sooooo much humor and I loved the DeLainey’s kids interaction! I’m an only child so such a large chaotic family feels both a bit overwhelming and like a warm bath. Sam is in between worlds and eventually he must make a decision if he’s gonna keep stealing house or maybe find a house where he belongs. I loved the open ending because it was ultimately about the decision so artistically it’s perfect but I secretly would’ve loved to see an epilogue!

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The boy who steals houses - C. G. Drews
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