The Express Bride is the ninth installment of the Mayflower series, written by Kimberley Woodhouse. I can’t believe we’re at nine already! They are all standalones so you don’t need to read other books in other to enjoy this one.

And can I just mention how GORGEOUS this cover is? It’s my favorite so far. And not only is it my favorite cover, to be honest it’s my favorite book in this series so far. Not that the other books aren’t awesome but you gotta have a favorite, right?

The Express Bride focuses on the pony express, this was an expensive and extensive way to send mail really fast, and one of our main characters, Jackie, takes up her father’s position as a station manager to keep the express running smoothly - while providing for the young boys that deliver mail by horse. Not only does she manage to cook them meals, run a boardjng house and be a surrogate mother to them, she also succesfully manages the station. I have to admit, I’m in awe, a man probably would have done a much worse job lol.

But then a stage car arrives and with it two gentlemen, both having their own investigations and inquiries, and Jackie gets caught up in both their secrets.

Elijah is investigating a sensitive matter for his boss who is also his friend, but he is a little side tracked by this capable woman at the station... and when he gets sucked into other investigations, he might be in for more than he bargained for.

This story is above all, a story about forgiveness. How we are all flawed and things are not as they seem, but the grace of God can turn wrong into something good. This is the aspect I loved the most, the faith of the characters and the interesting bible studies, and it didn’t get preachy or cringy or unrealistic. The characters were all so very much human and I felt for them as they were trying to do the right thing.

The end had me in tears, it was perfect.

I’ve been given an ecopy in exchange for an honest review.

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The Express Bride - Kimberley Woodhouse
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