The Kissing Tree contains four short stories by Regina Jennings, Karen Witemeyer, Amanda Dykes and Nicole Deese. Though they are apart in time, they are centered around a famous big old tree, called The Kissing Tree in a small town in Texas. For me, it is very rare that I love all four stories and therefore almost impossible to get a 5 star rating for the entire book, but in this case I actually loved them all!

Regina Jennings starts off with a bang, as she introduces a handsome man with farming machinery among the sceptical Texas people. He makes a deal with the father of a girl he once fancied, but little does he know how this will impact her life... and it was so much fun to read! Epic finale is all I can say.

Karen Witemeyer follows next with a shy but dreamy woman who wants to start her own romantic getaway inn and someone who is sent by her father to make sure it will work financially. I am a HUGE Karen Witemeyer fan, I have read everything she wrote, and I have to say this is my favorite novella yet. It had me laughing out loud several times and it is just amazing writing, characters and plot.

Amanda Dykes kinda broke my heart and repaired it too, with her novella on a WW2 pilot who seeks out the women he wrote too during the war. I loved that it wasn’t the usual dramatics where she doesn’t know who she is and is mad when she finds out etc, but rather a slow healing of hearts and opening up to one another. And Hannah is such an unusual and amazing character!

I didn’t expect to like Nicole Deese’s story as it is contemporary and that is just not my genre. But she suprised me in a very good way and showed me that romance can be very much alive today, too! It is a story of loss and how to cope, and I loved it all.

All in all, I can really recommend these short stories! They are strong on their own, and even stronger together as characters and places weave through all four stories and connect them to a higher level.

I’ve got a free e-arc from the publishers, but it has not influenced my opinions.

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