Some people think playing with Lego is only a children's activity
That this is absolutely not true you can discover here with me

Brightly colored still lifes of everyday scenes are shown in this book
Are they all original and beautiful? Well, let's take a look*

*Not actually a real look because photographs may not be reproduced here, but as a matter of speaking ;-)

Art exists in many forms.
Most people know the regular ones like painting, sculpture, …
But it can be really enthralling when variations on those forms are seeing the light.

In this colorful book you're immersed during 144 pages in the world of Lego.If you expect to see images with Lego-bricks stacked on top of each other, you'll be disappointed.
The approach is totally different, as in: take a lot of Lego-bricks of all imaginable colors and forms, imagine a real life situation and try to depict that scene just laying down everyday objects and Lego-bricks quite randomly. You could actually call it 'mixed media with Lego-bricks'.

Some of the results are really nice, others are rather simple.
Fact is that whether you use Lego or any other colorful material (f.e. little pieces of paper), it would almost be the same.
Taking all this in consideration, this book could appeal to some people, but others will feel like there's something missing. Especially comparing to other Lego art (see f.e. this article).

Imho the idea behind this book would come out much better if the best images (flower bouquet, pond, beach, flashlight, …) were used to illustrate a story (in rhyme?). That way the book would not only lean on the images, but on the written text as well. This would allow to create a more unified result rather than a random hodgepodge of images that sometimes have nothing to do with each other and that are not always equally original.

Conclusion: This book doesn't live entirely up to the expectations of people who search for really original Lego art, but it has a lot of potential that could come into its own with some adjustments.

*Thanks to NetGalley and Chronicle Books for providing a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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