The premise of Adri and Simon meeting each other in their dreams sounded great
A "humorous new adult romance" about two people brought together by fate

Although it seemed like the perfect book to read at night
Discover why Tau doesn't share the other readers' delight


Every reader starts a book with certain expectations.
A story that is promoted on NetGalley with the description "Humor, New Adult, Romance" will attract people who are looking for a humourous and relaxing read.
If the book then doesn't live up to these expectations, you run the risk that readers are left with an unsatisfied feeling.

Humor? New Adult? Romance?

Humour is very subjective.
But if a story can't even raise a little smile on your face, there are two options.
Either the reader's sense of humour doesnt correspond to the author's at all.
Or there is a serious lack of humour in the story.

The characters are twenty-somethings, but only in name. Their naive behaviour rather corresponds to that of young adults and begins to really irritate after a while.
Furthermore the narrative arc isn't solid. There aren't enough conflicts to keep the reader's interest.
Another annoying thing is the fact that literally e-ve-ry-thing is written out. A whole page about how someone makes breakfast, of how an sms is texted, … It seems more like page filling and doesn't actually add something to the story.

As for 'romance', there are two striking observations.
First of all, the romance is not at all on adult level. Rather think of middlegrade/YA-level with holding hands, insecurity about how one looks, …
Secondly, there were totally no sparkles and no magic in this 'relationship'. That makes it hard to empathize much with the flat main characters.


This book also suffers from different editorial problems.

If even a non-native English speaker finds lots of spelling and grammatical errors, that's not a good sign.
After the first 30% of the book it becomes really, really bad in that matter: wrong verb conjugation, words are missing or are too many, personal and possessive pronouns are switched, …

Also, the writing style could have used more guiding.
If 50% of the phrases begin with "I" and always follow the same pattern (I + verb + direct object), that's very uninspired writing and eventually becomes laughable.
Oh maybe thát's the 'humour' in this story!

*Thanks to NetGalley and Shadesilk Press for providing an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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