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Wonders of nature

*Tau* 05 september 2022
Be prepared to make a trip around the world and discover some of nature's most amazing phenomenons!

Although this is presented as a children's picture book, it'll certainly capture the heart of many adults too.
Why? Let's take a look!

The setup of this book is rather unique: arranged around the full cycle of a calendar year, each month chapter features four stories each from a different part of the world.
Thus 48 narrative nonfiction stories tell us more about fascinating natural phenomenons, fauna and flora from every continent.
As we watch the seasons go by, it's impossible not to be enchanted at all those wonders of nature!

Personally, I was in such awe of the many presented unknown facts (at least to me) that I wanted to know more about them and see them with my own eyes: snow leopards in Afghanistan, a superbloom at Death Valley, the sea of stars at the Maldives, the Namibia beetle which could help us solve water shortage, the several Vogelkop birds from New Guinea that are both amazingly beautiful and absolutely funny to watch, …
Thanks to Youtube there was so much educational footage that taught me even more details.
A selection of the most interesting and funniest ones can be found at my blog in the article Wonders of Nature.

Biology, geography, … are some of the fields that can be explored with these stories.
Hence this book is an excellent starting point to brighten up (STEM-)classes and evoke a sense of wonder in children and adults alike.

The beautiful illustrations are detailed and non-linear. There are always different panels (like in a comic book) but without lines between them and with a varying order and size at each page. Most of the time the pictures efficiently guide you along the right direction. Twelve of the stories are told on 1 page and the other thirty-six are 2-page spreads which enhance the immersion of the reader in this colorful world.
You can see some of these pages at the website of the publisher (by clicking on the little icons under the cover of the book) and at the one of the illustrator (the first 7 pictures are from this book).

The text is written by Lucy Brownridge who's an author and editor of children's books based in London. She writes books for children about history of art, history, animals and science. She has an MA in history of art from the Courtauld Institute of Art and a BA in history of art from the University of Bristol.

The beautiful drawings were made by Margaux Samson-Abadie, alias Nano Février, who's a French illustrator & pattern designer with a background in textiles and fashion design. After working several years as a designer in childrenwear, she's now a freelancer always on the look for exciting projects — be it illustration for children books, magazines or surface pattern design for fashion, interior decoration, stationery, … Her work is rooted in nature, childhood memories, folklore, travels, literature, cinema and music. She likes to tackle subjects such as ecology, slow living and mindfulness. To get an idea of her work, you can head over to her website:

*Thanks to NetGalley and Wide Eyed Editions (an imprint of The Quarto Group) for providing a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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