Been trying for some time to write a review, but I just can't get the words out. Since this one is for a reading club on (thanks again) I do have to write a short review at least, so here we go.

Meet Saylor (I am still snorting at that name) or Emma as she is also called, when plans are cancelled she goes to stay with her mom's family who she hasn't seen in ages. A summer full of memories, family, and of course romance (EEEEP, it was just so fabulous and I was rooting for her to get together with that guy and then later I was eagerly reading about all the things they did and how he helped her discover more about her past/family) begins. I just loved reading about the little town and the lake, about the things Saylor did (she was so happy to help out no matter that it was also a vacation for her), how she discovered herself and learned more about her and her family's history, we read about Saylor's mom and what happened to her and how it wasn't just something that happened, it always was there. The ending was also terrific. I just wasn't a fan of the dad. He was just so obtuse. Same goes for the grandma though I did like her a bit more. I just wasn't a fan how she just seemed to throw her money around. Yes, you have a lot, no need to show off.
Oh, and I just love it when the title makes its appearance in the story.
So yes, I flew through this book and I would highly recommend it to all looking for a fantastic summer read. It is the book to read at the moment, at least in my opinion.

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The Rest of the Story - Sarah Dessen
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