At the end of the 1st volume colonel Zirkander finds out that 2 members of his wolf-squadron are shot down in his absence. At the start of this book we encounter cadet Cass Ahn who (luckily?) survived her crash but is now held prisoner by the Cofah army. Than she is given a new cell-mate by the sadistic dungeon master who hopes that she will get killed by him. Because this new boarder is the infamous 'Deathmaster', a brilliant though somewhat mad scientist with a deep and well-known hatred for the pilots of the Iskandian wolf-sqaudron. In order to settle their scores later, they escape together. It is a whirlwind of a story: escaping, being caught, escaping and getting caught again, ...Lots and lots of running around and fighting here.

In this volume the accent is much more on technology, with even chemical weapons. The love-story is more plausible as well, despite being another prisonner and captor affair. Despite the mutual attraction they never forget being enemies (until the end of course) but over the course of time and through their adventures they discover eachothers background stories and true characters

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Deathmaker - Lindsay Buroker
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