Ruby Holler


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Since Dallas and Florida had lived in the Boxton Creek Home longer than any of the children there, they knew all the rules. They also knew the punishments for disobeying the rules, and they knew them well, because they had broken every rule in the Boxton Creek Home. Many times. Dallas and Florida look set to stay in the orphanage for good until an elderly couple ask the children to come and live with them in Ruby Holler and share some wonderful adventures. Dallas and Florida are used to going to people's homes and not staying so they don't expect much from this latest invitation. However, Tiller and Sairy Morey are an unusual couple. For one thing they keep their money under stones in secret hiding places. But keeping money under a stone isn't always the best plan and some adventures turn out to be those you haven't planned for at all - especially when you have two unruly kids who don't always obey the rules.


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