Snowkiting, Freedom of Flow


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This visually-pleasing publication offers thorough insight into the history, technique and various disciplines of this contemporary winter sport. The book offers many lively experiences and anecdotes from the featured experts who partook in the sport's development over the last 30 years. They are the pioneers who pushed the limits of the (im)possible to embark on far-fetched snowy adventures. More than one hundred artistic photographs allow the reader to dream-travel on vicarious snowkite journeys in polar or alpine regions, uniquely powered by the silent force of the wind to flow in a rarely-experienced state of total freedom.

Dixie Dansercoer has organised and executed a long list of ambitious long-distance expeditions both in the Arctic and Antarctic. Amongst his most remarkable 'first' expeditions are the integral crossing of the Antarctic continent, a 106- day crossing of the Arctic Ocean and the circumnavigation of Greenland by snowkite, his prime area of expertise. He is one of the few accredited Master Polar Guides (International Polar Guides Association) and together with his wife Julie Brown, has created Polar Experience. This unnique guiding concept, based on a three-level approach with focus on in-depth training for the client encompasses also a healthy respect for safety and belief in top-quality equipment, Dixie and his team of highly qualified guides guarantee a flawless experience. Dixie has authored - alone or as a co-writer - 27 books, helped produce 5 documentary movies and is a public speaker.

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01 december 2019
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06 december 2019

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