The Dome


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The Dome is a riveting thriller about a young man’s quest to find his biological parents in a world ravaged by the catastrophic consequences of climate change.

“The twenty-first century is the age of climate change, one that will determine the future of our species.”

“A frightening glimpse into the near future, a wake-up call.”

“A thrilling mix of fiction and facts in a touching story about a young man’s quest to find his birth parents.”

Climate change has ravaged the planet faster than expected. In this harsh and inhospitable world, Dylan Myers, a young, bright scientist, embarks on a seemingly impossible quest; the search for his biological parents. This proves to be a daunting task in this hazardous and toxic world infested by crime, evil, poverty and hunger. He puts himself and his loved ones in great danger and unexpectedly stumbles onto a shocking secret.

A fast-paced, realistic and intriguing story full of suspense which leaves you with plenty of food for thought.


Thrillers & Spanning
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WF van der Hart
Eerste editie
17 december 2020
Laatste editie
24 december 2020
9789464007343 , 9789464007350

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