The Dutch Cemetrey in Nagasaki (1654-1870)Echo of the Past
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The Dutch Cemetrey in Nagasaki (1654-1870)Echo of the Past


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The Dutch Cemetery in Nagasaki is the oldest, still existing, graveyard for foreigners from the West in Japan. It reflects the many important events in the shared history of The Netherlands and Japan, especially with regard to Nagasaki.
The small, intimate cemetery, enclosed by a red brick wall, is located in the foothills of Mount Inasa on the grounds of the Buddhist temple Goshinji.
During the 17th, 18th, and 19th century hundreds of VOC servants, mostly sailors on board ships in port, but also employees from the Dutch Trading Post on Deshima found their last resting place here, far away from home, many anonymously. There are also some Russian and English tombs. The number of gravestones is small relative to the number deceased, only few graves received a gravestone. There are thirty large tombstones and eleven small standing memorials. Four of the gravestones are completely weathered, making the inscription unreadable. The memorials do not bear any inscription, they are only decorated with a cross in relief.

The present study deals with the earliest Dutch burial ground at Goshinji and the subsequent historical developments up-to and including the recent 2018 renovation. It discusses the legible gravestones and to whom the unreadable gravestones may belong. It also explains for whom the small standing stones are a memorial. The Dutch cemetery is of historical, cultural and genealogical importance.

Geschiedenis & Politiek
Nieuwe geschiedenis (1500-1870)
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04 december 2019
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04 december 2019

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