The Hunt Club


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At first, The Hunt Club had a membership of one: private investigator Wyatt Hunt. Since then, others have joined, both on and off the official payroll. Their common interest is obtaining justice - one way or another. But they don't mind having a little fun along the way, and that's exactly what they're doing one late-spring night at a San Francisco bar... One of them is missing the festivities, though. Homicide inspector Devin Jule has just caught a major case: the shooting death of a sixty-three-year-old federal judge and his twentysomething mistress. While Juhle works, Hunt plays, booking up with TV star and legal analyst Andrea Parisi - once he escorts her safely home and sobers her up, that is. But before Hunt knows it, Juhle"s case will be of great interest to the members of The Hunt Club. Especcially to Hunt himself. Not just because Andrea's card was found in the wallet of one of the victims, but because just hours after their first romantic encounter, she disappears...


Thrillers & Spanning
Wyatt Hunt (1)
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01 januari 2007
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12 februari 2021

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