A Plague of Secrets


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Murmurs of shock rippled through the courtroom of San Francisco's Hall of Justice as Mayor Kathy West made a surprise and stunning appearance in support of her niece, wealthy socialite Maya Townshend, who is on trial for the murder of her longtime employee and purported lover, Dylan Vogler. the body of the gunshot victim was discovered in the alley behind Bay Beans West, the popular coffeehouse he managed at the corner of Haight and Ashbury. At the time of the shooting, he was carrying a badpack filled with high-grade marijuana. The shop, which is famous for lines of eager customers stretching down the sidewalk. Bea Beans West, is always crowded with customers, and manager Dylan Vogler has done very well for himself. Maybe too well. After he's found dead behind the shop - still wearing a backpack full of Baggies stuffed with pot - his annual ninety-thousand-dollar salary raises some eyebrows, and casts suspicion on the shop's real business and its owner, Maya Townshend. Married, wealthy, devoutly Catholic, and the niece of the city's mayor, Maya does'nt seem like your typical drug dealer - let alone killer - but the gun that killed Vogler was hers.
And as Dismas Hardy is discovering, Maya has a lot of secrets. He's just not sure whether they include murder..

Thrillers & Spanning
Dismas Hardy (13)
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01 januari 2010

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