The mystery of june 16

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The Mystery of June 16 is a compelling story about one man’s journey through life. It starts in his fathers' garden, where one day he is driven out. An angel with a flaming sword, that points two ways, is guarding the entrance.
The journey leads the man to different places. First, there is the ferryman in the river foreland, who sees right through him. Then he meets a shepherd high up in the mountains, a lady who runs an inn, a wise man in the mountains and eventually there is that meeting in Normandy. That is where the adventure really starts. It leads the man to different places, but disillusioned he comes back to his river foreland.
After writing a story on the prospect of suicide, wonderous things start to happen. Just in time love finds its way. And he is happy, until that one fateful day...
I want to thank the French philosopher and theologian Jacques Ellul and Terrence Malick, whose film the Tree of Life was an important source of inspiration. Also, I owe a lot to the man who showed me Dangave, the Hopi Life Plan, engraved in a rock in Hopi nation. The great love of my life always stood by me. Just like my dogs, who were mysterious guides on the long, long journey home.
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06 juli 2019

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