The Twin Flames


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We are all more or less in search of the ideal partner. But often, unfortunately, the ideal gives way to illusion, renunciation or a new quest. And if it was necessary to review our criteria of choice for this quest of true, unconditional and spiritual Love? What if these criteria were not those that we are allowed to check in everyday life? But then what are these profound criteria?
Then comes the day when you meet your ''other self'' without necessarily being prepared for it. It is then the moment to face a tidal wave that overwhelms you with emotions and phenomena often out of the ordinary that you must understand and learn to master.
Are you in search of true, unconditional, deep and spiritual love? Do you know the difference between a soul mate and a Twin Flame?
This inspiring book sheds light on the different soul ties, and more precisely, on the nature and aspects that define the relationship of Twin Flames.
You will be guided step by step, either to walk towards reconnection with your Twin Flame, or to harmonize your relationship with it, if it already walks by your side.
Strengthened by their personal life experience and the sharing with many people in search, the authors who have themselves gone through these steps leading to this true Love, bring enlightening explanations on the necessary path to this quest, on the couples of Twin Flames, and give precious advices to better live this unusual, complex, sacred, authentic and deep relationship.

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