The universal path

The universal path

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In this book a strong appeal is made to the consciousness of the reader. As it is said in the fourth chapter: «If you want to understand the mystery of Christ to some extent, it is necessary to have a great freedom of consciousness.»
With these words something totally different is meant from that which we term «enlarging of the consciousness" in these days!
The book shows us that those who want to approach the Christ Mystery from within are in no way helped by mystic illusion, a musical intoxication or moral theology. Accept the challenge of the universal Rosycross!
The Spiritual Schools of good standing of all times have taught this path. It is necessary to break down the old temple of the lower nature, to liquidate the dialectic personality and to build up a new personality, a new temple. It is only in this new temple that the cosmic consciousness can reside.
The different chapters show in different ways how the en-trance to the path to this new temple can be found.
Religie & Spiritualiteit
Esoterie algemeen
Aantal pagina’s
Uitgeverij De Rozekruis Pers
Laatste editie
18 april 2020

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