Touch of Heaven


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Touch of Heaven is a story about Ellen, a 23-years-old Armenian woman living in Yerevan, who has just started working as a fashion designer. She grew up being very popular with lots of friends, and was almost engaged to the love of her life. Everything in her life seemed perfect until the day she got into an accident which left her in a coma. From that moment on, her soul has been wondering out of her body and she continuously lives in a world that is between death and life. Heaven would grand her one more chance to live, only if she could find three people who loved her deeply within their hearts without being blood related. Her being popular, and loved by so many people gets to know the real faces of the people she loved dearly. Will she be able to find those three souls? This is a story with plot twists, betrayal, jealousy, hate and backstabbing.


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Brave New Books
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05 februari 2021
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11 februari 2021

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