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Traces Towards the Horizon


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Bastiaan Brink decided to travel the world when he had to interrupt his life as a concert pianist due to an injury. For a year, he travelled the world in search of beauty and moments of higher consciousness. It became the kind of journey people refer to when they talk about their aspirations or look back on the highlights of their lives. In this book, he gives a compelling account of his adventures. Brink expresses his experiences in such evocative terms that you get the impression you are there with him and experiencing it yourself: from an avalanche on Mount Everest to a stay with a nomadic family on the Mongolian steppe, from a trip through the dark forests of Fiordland to a descent into a Bolivian silver mine or a demonic ritual in Peru. In the meantime, we become part of his fascination for untouched wilderness, strange cultures and remarkable lifestyles. His stories are like pearls strung on a line around the world. Each has its own unique shine and together they form a beautiful image of the beauty of our Earth. A source of inspiration for anyone who wants to travel the world themselves, but also highly readable for those who prefer to travel from the comfort of their own homes.


Literaire non-fictie , Reizen & Talen
Aantal pagina’s
Elmar Uitgeverij
Eerste editie
24 november 2021
Laatste editie
08 december 2021

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