Trader To The Stars


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Humankind has explored the galaxy: Nicholas van Rijn had bought it. A starwide empire was difficult to run, but the old man was wily and the resources of the Solar Spice & Liquors Company were vast. But sometimes even a conquered world can get just a little out of hand.

In his Magnificent Future History of Mankind's second great age Poul Anderson has conjured up a universe too immense for even the human race to despoil. Across this grand expanse of space roams the Polesotechnic League, a band of merchant princes from every inhabited planet, in search of adventure and riches beyond the wildest dreams of our earthbound time!

- Hiding Place (1961)
- Territory (1962)
- The Master Key (1964)

Fantasy & SF
Doubleday US
Eerste editie
01 januari 1964

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