easter hare

Ebba, the first Easter Hare

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King Stern rules over a Dark empire of hares. His brother Atta leaves. Before his love Hulde gives birth to their first child, he wants to find his own field, bathed in Light. Every day Hulde runs to the frontier where she stands on the lookout. But then; the baby arrives too soon. At a rapid pace, Princess Ebba grows into a smart child. Hulde notices that she resembles more and more like Atta and that is not a gift. When later on they discover an abandoned bird nest in a rabbit cave, Ebba wants to go on a trip just like her father. But, is she as brave as him?

Kind & Jeugd
Fictie kinder- en jeugdboeken algemeen
Oorspronkelijke titel
Ebba, de eerste paashaas
Laatste editie
15 april 2017

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The first Easter hare

door: Wendy Koedoot 1 like
The story is a modern Easter story, a smoothly written book for young people aged 10 and up. We get to know the realm of the hares that is ruled by King Stern.The youngest brother of Stern, called Atta, leaves the empire to search for his own light realm. He hopes to be there with the pregnant...

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