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Amazing fantasy read!

Booksandsparkles 10 januari 2024
Last night I've finished Kingdom of the Wicked [De Prins van Toorn], and I loved it so much!

Emilia is a fierce, strong and smart witch and she just had to discover that for herself, even though a terrible event was needed for that. To avenge her twin sister's death, she puts everything on the line to discover the truth. Even if that means working together with a prince of Hell.

Obiously, Wrath is beautiful, mysterious and the typical villain to fall for. Do we mind? No, of course not. ;) I love how he's written and how his bitterness can be found throughout the book. This book is a great enemies-to-lovers, even though the lovers part is a bit twisted now and then. A sudden plottwist at the end of the book will change Emilia's path, but is it for good?

The writing style as also very pleasant. Kerri Maniscalco knows what she does. She creates a stable and lovely family base (honestly, can she also write a cooking book with all the recipes from their families' restaurant?!) - and then she tears it all apart.

I really can't wait for the next book, it's already waiting for me on my night stand. I need to know what happens with Emilia and the princes of Hell!

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