Reread 2019: Still amazing and blown away and yes I teared up again at the end because it’s so heartbreaking and powerful.

I finished the Last Namsara earlier this year, and fell in love with the writing style... the rich, flowing sentences, the characters with all their strenghts and flaws, the extremely intricate world with many stories, but especially the deep meaning woven through the book.

This book has it all, too, but especially the last one showed through. Most of all it’s a love story, a bond between two sisters. It’s about how love is strongest of all and how it can even conquer death. How to let go and how to hold on. There is so much depth in this story, it’s incredible.

At first I wasn’t happy that this book didn’t have Asha as the main character (she shows up a couple of times but not much). I love Asha so much, and at first I found it hard to relate to Roa. She is really stubborn and self reliant. But I grew to like her very much. And her story is so interesting, with scrublander lore and flashbacks to her childhood. It is a very different culture and I love how diverse this world is. And Roa learns a lot and changes, and gets a bit stuck along the road, and there are slow plot twists - or realisations probably, people are not who she thinks they are. While I was screaming at her to just tell the truth, I love how the story evolved. She has my allegiance now lol ;) I can’t wait what the next book brings! And Kristen Ciccarelli has become an auto-buy author.

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De gevangen koningin - Kristen Ciccarelli
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