I must say, I had a rough start but it turned into AWESOME. I didn’t like the MC Aspasia at all and that lasted like half the book... After the truly wonderful kind person that is Shalia (MC of book 1), Aspasia is very much the opposite, she’s very closed and very morally grey and yet very protective and she has amazing air powers. And there were soo many names of the crew and I couldn’t keep them apart. Also maybe because I don’t like pirates, but that’s just my personal preference. I’m sooo glad I read on because this book became a favorite of mine!!

Because around halfway it totally flipped and I slowly started to like Aspasia and when I knew more about her I even came to love and I became really invested in the story. Binge read invested. And it did help that one of my favorite characters from the first book had a big role in this one.

There was a lot of action with very inventive use of elemental powers but thank goodness also a lot of feels and exploration, new cultures and insights and a beautiful slowburning romance. What I loved most about it is how both of them changed and slowly grew towards each other, with mutual respect and consent.

And also the theme of finding and loving family was both beautiful and heartbreaking. I really hope we’ll get to explore more of this world because I’m not ready to say goodbye!

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Imprison the Sky - A. C. Gaughen
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