On wings of Devotion by Roseanna M. White is the second book in the Codebreakers series, but it can be read very well as a standalone, that is how I read it! Though I admit I did get curious when I found out that one of the side characters I loved the most, Margot de Wilde, is the main character in book 1, so naturally I’m off to buy that one. And there were some hints for book 3, too, and it just sounds amazing. This is a series to watch out for!

I have previously read and enjoyed Roseanna M. White’s work, especially the Culper Ring series, but this book if my favorite so far. She has grown much in her writing, in earlier books I sometimes had some trouble with pacing and unable to distinguish the many side characters, but this book has none of those issues. I couldn’t stop reading! I felt so much for all the characters that I can’t help but make this review in fangirl expletives. Because I have major FEELS. So many feels... I LOVE THESE CHARACTERS. Ok ok I’ll stop now and try calmly to explain why I love it.

Phillip Camden is named Black Heart and infamous for both being a rogueish lady’s man and losing his entire squadron in a dubious incident. He basically is waiting for a death sentence, and he is rigged with guilt, but plays the part the media gave him: a black heart. He pushes people away, but of course, there’s so much hurt underneath.... I couldn’t help but fawn over him too, as the nurses from the hospital did everyday as he walked by, even though he kinda is a bad boy. At least in the beginning. He brings the other main character, Arabelle, into a plot of his own device, and while the intention is well, it just isn’t well executed lol. Arabelle isn’t impressed, and she calls him out on it, which I absolutely loved.

Arabelle had to learn to stand up and take care for herself from a young age, and it turned her into this resilient, vibrant woman full of faith. Her empathy moved me a lot, how she always tries to help and give people second chances. She was truly an example of faith, of forgiving everyone and helping where she can, but also not afraid to call out what isn’t right.

As Camden’s plot leaves her a bit vulnerable, he takes up the part of her guardian dog, but he might end up getting ensnared himself... but there is more at play, and his work at the codeworkers office brings his own dangers...

Arabella’s way of life and her faith really struck a chord with me, and I aspire to be more like her! Of course she isn’t perfect, but she admits when she’s wrong and corrects her mistakes, and she really is a strong example. I love how she and Camden are very honest with each other, that honestly is a fresh breath or air. No misunderstandings between them, but they actually talked and resolved things! And I loved hoe Camden softened and opened up, and that it is mentioned that Arabella might be the inciting incident, it’s not the love of a woman that changes him for the better. I think that’s a very healthy message to spread, that true healing comes from God and not man, and that is a choice you must make for yourself.

The plot itself was amazing too, I was on the edge of my seat! The villain’s were very real, and you could clearly understand their motivations and even empathize a bit, which make the best villains in my opinion (if you can even truly call them that). The side characters were also a very nice addition, from Arabelle’s eccentric adventurer dad to Phillip’s amazing family, as well as the characters in Room 40 (the admiral is amazing! And I love this extremely intelligent awesome female code worker Margot), everyone felt very real and I kinda wanted to be there. There was lots of banter and humor to compensate the seriousness, and I just couldn’t help but fall in love with this book. I LOVED LOVED LOVED every second and I kinda wish it was 800 more pages.

I’ve been given a free e-arc in exchange for my honest opinion. Thank you so much, Netgalley and Bethany House Publishers, for giving me the chance to read this pearl!

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On Wings of Devotion - Roseanna M. White
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