Most of us know her, a wise older women with twinkles in her eye and a never ending supply of tea and cookies. She, who looks you in the eye and asks one simple question and all of a sudden you’re telling her your life’s struggles while she listens and rocks her chair. When you fall silent, she doesn’t have any answers really, but instead she tells some of her own stories. She tells of her life and her suffering, and then tells you how she copes and holds unto faith while handing you another cookie.

This is exactly what this book is. A conversation between you and a very, very wise woman named Elisabeth Elliot, who has suffered so much. She tells you to just do the next thing. To keep rejoicing. She doesn’t give answers for the why’s, but she gives answers to the how’s. How to cope dat by day, how to keep faith in an Almighty God, and how to give your suffering to God. The answers aren’t easy but they are very worthwhile.

It is a fast read with 120 pages, so it makes for a perfect gift or an afternoon read. I recommend to have tea and cookies for the full experience. Thank goodness, I don’t think most people can bear to wrestle through 500 pages to find some lifesavers. This book is easy to read with a ton of wisdom packed in every chapter.

And even though I read the e-arc, I’m pretty sure the book will visually be stunning too, which is always nice since we usually like to give nice looking gifts lol!

Also, the reason I call this a conversation is because it very clearly is! This book is derived from a series of talks, and it reads like that. Nothing wrong with the concept of course, but it isn’t as streamlined as a normal book would be, as conversation tends to sometimes get a little sidetracked. I really liked that aspect because it feels real, but I just wanted to point it out because knowing in advance will help create the right mindset.

I’ve been given an a-erc through Netgalley, for which I’m really grateful!

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Suffering Is Never for Nothing - Elizabeth Elliot
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