This book is very different from the Star-touched Queen, both in writing style as in story telling, but it is just as amazing! Historical fantasy is my favorite, and this one is executed really well! For me, what really worked were the characters.

So much diversity, and even an autistic girl! We’re already underrepresented in both psychology and society, so it’s awesome to read about Zofia! I loved how she tried to mirror behaviour, I do that too.

But the characters also were very distinct and had their own dreams, voice and desires and I just love a good banter. And there was awesome banter. The fantasy aspect was also very interesting as you slowly begin to understand it (it can be a bit daunting at first).

Unfortunately I did guess the identity of the mystery man quite early but other than that, I loved it! There was enough action to keep it interesting but not too much so that it is one adrenaline rush.

The ultimate ending broke my heart though… And Roshani’s writing is beautiful as always. It doesn’t flow like poetry like her other books but it feels more grounded. I like both styles, but I think those that were put off by the first book will appreciate The Gilded Wolves.

Reacties op: Loved it, amazing characters and diversity!

The Gilded Wolves - Roshani Chokshi
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