The Noble Guardian by Michelle Griep follows a young woman who is neglected by her family as she makes her way across the country, towards her new husband who she has dances with once. However, the road is quite perilous with highwayman, and one handsome rugged lawman comes to her aid... and more trouble arises. Wink wink. Ok, there is VERY real trouble, but tbh I lived for this very slow burn romance. It seems to me Michelle Griep’s writing grows with each novel. Not that her first novels are bad, far from it, but they’re just getting better! This time, there were many suprises for me, you think you know how the plot will go but there are some twists and turns that leave you guessing!

Also, the characters were phenomenol. Abby struggles with her past of mental abuse and if she believes in God after what she’s been through. She is very feisty and when she set her mind to something, she’ll do everything to achieve it. She has set a higher goal for herself, to be happy, to be self sufficient, which is what drives her through most of the books. To leave things in God’s hand is a bit of a struggle for her, though she accepts it more than our rugged lawman Samuel. He is weary of his job and wants to find peace. Until he finds Abby... I love how he takes her seriously and sees her not as a feeble woman, but as a person. And the main antagonist is truly very creepy! There are other creeps though that would be a spoiler, but it’s very well done. And there’s a little girl that is just extremely cute and I want to cuddle her (see, there’s a suprise you wouldn’t expect already lol!).

All in all, it is a very well written historical romance, with lots of action and feels. I very much enjoyed reading it and I suspect I will be rereading it soon in final version when it comes out (that cover is so gorgeous!!). The only thing I disliked is that the characters heard the voice of God a few times, I really dislike when that happens but it was only like 3 times so I can live with it lol!

I received a free ebook from netgalley (thanks sooo much!) in exchange for an honest opinion.

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The Noble Guardian - Michelle Griep
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